Christopher Jones, M.D.

Most think of cardiologists as “plumbers” of the heart—those that open up blocked vessels and treat the vessel wall. However, other types of cardiologists could accurately be called “electricians” of the heart—those that work on the short circuits of the heart when it is beating abnormally fast or slow. The latter are known as electrophysiologists. 


Electrophysiology (EP) is the study and treatment of the electrical system of the heart and impulses that cause the heart to beat. It is used to diagnose abnormalities such as irregular heartbeat and correct abnormal heart rhythms. One treatment option is medication. Sometimes, patients undergo a cardiac catheter ablation, a procedure to treat heart arrhythmias while others have a pacemaker installed to treat slow and fast heartbeats.  

Catheter Ablation

When medications prove to be ineffective or cause side effects, a safe and effective treatment option for patients with heart arrhythmias is catheter ablation. Learn more about this treatment by watching this video.