Welcome to Village Heart & Vein Center

At Village Heart & Vein Center, we believe that a successful partnership between patient and family, primary care physician and the cardiologist is the best recipe for a healthy heart. When every one of those aspects critical to heart health works as it should, we know our patients will have received exactly the right care—medically and professionally—that they needed for an optimum result.

Cardiology is a medical discipline where technology presents a constantly advancing leading edge. We maintain a commitment to state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment in our offices. We’ve adopted a robust menu of web-enabled services for doctor and patient alike. To stay abreast of the latest developments and treatment protocols, our physicians continually update our standards of practice and monitor clinical and functional outcomes. We also regularly participate in research trials of new pharmaceuticals and medical devices.

As a result, Village Heart & Vein Center is bringing a higher standard of cardio care to more and more patients. As we grow, our goal is to expand our geographic coverage so we can help even more people realize the quality of life that can result from the very best heart care in Florida.

Cardiology Consultation

Patients come to a cardiologist one of two ways—through a referral from a primary care provider or on their own. Either way, an appointment with a cardiologist is indicated should any of the tests or problems listed below present themselves.


Electrophysiology (EP) is the study and treatment of the electrical system of the heart and impulses that cause the heart to beat. It is used to diagnose abnormalities such as irregular heartbeat and correct abnormal heart rhythms. One treatment option is medication.


Over forty years ago, Dr. Saroj Tampira followed his heart and embarked upon a career journey that finally led him to the Village Heart and Vein Center. His arrival completed the vision of the Center founder Dr. Georg Couturier to provide total care for patients with heart and/or vascular diseases.