At Village Heart and Vein, patients benefit from the warm personal setting and patient-driven approach. This philosophy of quality, affordable, evidence-based care is exactly why Joel R. Garcia, MD, FACC, joined the team at Village Heart and Vein in 2023. A board-certified cardiologist and internist, Dr. Garcia is an expert in most cardiac imaging modalities.

He focuses on general and invasive (non-interventional) cardiology and advanced heart failure. Dr. Garcia is all about prevention and enjoys working with patients to help them create a cardiac health plan. He encourages his patients to come to their appointment with at least five questions. “A lot of people don’t ask questions because they feel like they’re ‘bugging’ the doctor. I’m there to give you a service. Part of the experience is to ask questions so I can help you,” he says. To get more out of the appointment, Dr. Garcia urges patients to prepare ahead of time.

In addition to writing down any questions they might have, he recommends patients bring the following: Having the lab report from your primary doctor can reduce unnecessary costs and improve your experience at the cardiology appointment. Because many people have elevated blood pressure when they go to the doctor, Dr. Garcia advises people to take their blood pressure at home for a couple weeks and bring that record with them.

Dr. Garcia makes a point of sitting down with his patients to answer their questions. When someone asks him what changes they can make to their lifestyle to improve their cardiac health, he is happy to make suggestions regarding general health, exercise, diet and even alcohol consumption.

He references the study that shows people who walk 7,000 steps a day reduce their cardiovascular risk by 29 percent. One thing Dr. Garcia has seen since 2020 is an increase in alcohol intake, which can raise many cardiac risks. He encourages patients to be honest with their providers so that doctors understand their personal history. “I’m not just taking care of a heart when you come to my office,” he says. “I’m taking care of the whole person.” Village Heart and Vein is a trusted resource for both cardiac preventative care and treatment. 

Dr. Garcia